Other Writing

Things I make (not plays)

TV and Screenwriting

Glamour:  Hour-long supernatural high school drama pilot

TBA Hallmark TV Movie (all steps completed, anticipated in q1 2023, stay tuned)



A few prose pieces. I’m happy to pitch on request.


Short Fiction/Poetry


Weird Stuff

Immersives, interactives, etc.

  • Letters from Camp Shrewd: I was the head writer for this innovative pandemic-era “play-by-mail,” which told a story through letters and artifacts over the course of six weeks. I came up with the overall structure and story, and worked with four other writers to edit their letters for cohesion. In addition, I wrote the letters for the character of Jennifer, the camp counselor. Registration for Camp Shrewd is closed, but there’s a podcast, which was nominated for a B. Iden Payne award for Outstanding Digital Production- Audio.
  • Coffee Shop Love God: A bit ago, I did a writing test for a mobile game: a dating sim with fantasy elements. I didn’t get the gig, but I’d always wanted to make a twine game, so I tweaked the visual/monetization-oriented format, and made the first chapter playable, text-based and free. Good luck!
  • A Labyrinth in the Shape of a Book:  Christopher Manson’s Maze: Also listed under prose, but it IS weird.
  • Shitty Boyfriends of Western Literature: The Game: Same.
  • Karaoke Phantom: Appearing when you least expect it.

Work for Hire

You can pay me for copywriting, SEO content, curriculum development and educational writing.  Here are some  samples.

  • Copywriting and “how it works” video scripts throughout the website for an innovative diamond-selling start-up.
  • I was commissioned to create an SAT study guide using public domain reading materials.
  • While working as Senior Writing Network Manager for Prompt.com, I led a team of three freelancers in an SEO content creation project to drive traffic to the main business. In addition to assigning topics and keywords, and editing all of the initial 100+ articles, I wrote many of them myself.