A spectacular fantasy about family, fairies and theft.

(ATX’s smash stage hit, now available in a high school edition)

Images from the Vortex Theater (credit: Kimberly Mead)

“Hardy has imagined a uniquely compelling tale… Changelings… thrust(s) its onlookers into a twisted, fantastical world of fairies and spells where the stakes are high and the unbelievable has become the everyday. Keep your babies close, turn your shirt inside out, and dive headfirst into this realm where up is down and reality has been kicked to the curb.”

-Austin Chronicle

The Powers are a family suffering from a rare inherited condition-their children are extremely likely to be stolen away by a fairy. Megan Powers wants to defy the odds, but her brother, Luther, has to stop her wedding at any cost, even if it means revealing the secret, magical world beneath the city of Austin to an outsider. When he teams up with a lovestruck magician to defeat the Wicked Child, the centuries-old villain that has stalked him his entire life, Luther discovers a startling truth about his own history- and unleashes a danger that no-one can control. A spectacle, a fantasy, a buddy comedy and a family tragedy, “Changelings” asks frightening questions about the making of children and the making of monsters.

After the sold-out run at the Vortex, Changelings was rewritten for a production at the Griffin School (where a parent said it was “The first time I’ve seen my daughter be powerful on stage”). The High School edition has  toned-down language, younger characters, and most importantly, MORE characters, with six additional scene-stealing one-scene roles.

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