A geeky new musical set at a fan convention

Images from the London Stable professional production (Credit: Scott Rylander)

Images from American Demigods fringe production at Chicago Musical Theater Festival (Credit: Braden Nesin)

Images from the Mountview College production (Credit: JJ Hunter)

“Angel 8” is a cult sci-fi TV show. It’s also a lifestyle. To the fans gathered at the first-ever “Angel 8” convention, it’s EVERYTHING. But when the unthinkable happens during show creator Scott Furnish’s long-awaited keynote address, this group of lovable misfits must band together to prove that no power in the ‘verse can keep a story from its fans.

“A cast of characters that are all-too-likeable and all-too-real ….Fanatical has a brain, a heart, and a finger on the pulse of nerd passion and fandom…. these are canny writers – and a show – with a future.”

“A lovable and inventive sci-fi convention musical… it’s easy to be a fan.”

“Director Kate Staiger’s well-cast ensemble throws themselves at the material with total commitment… Board does a terrific job of creating music and lyrics.”
-New City Chicago

“Refreshingly uncynical… an enthusiastically warm-hearted show”
-My Theatre Mates London

“A bang up to date homage to that greatest of all fan gatherings – the convention.. the finale is spectacular.”
-Starburst Magazine London

“Life-affirming… Reina Hardy’s book and Matt Board’s lyrics drip with accuracy.. Fanatical, despite its small size, meets its mighty ambitions.”
-Musical Theatre Review London

“It was one of the best plays I have ever seen. It was funny. It was well-written. It had an awesome plot line. The songs were so well-written and clever and fun. ”
-Ada Grey Reviews for You (Chicago’s favorite ten-year-old theatre critic)

“…a love letter to fans. I want Wil Wheaton to see this show. I want Nathan Fillion to see this show. I wish it had a bigger space, a longer run, and a larger ensemble”
-Geek Girl Chicago

“The only flaw in Fanatical is that it leaves us wanting more.”
-The Chicago Reader

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