A comedy about getting lucky in spacetime.

Images from the Vortex Theatre (credit: Kimberly Mead)


Images from Theatre Nova (Credit: Golden Record Media Company)

Rupert Knox wants two things in life: to make the astronomical discovery of the new millennium and to find a date to his sister’s wedding. He might have found both in Claire, a celestial poet getting over an interstellar break-up. But when a mysterious woman named Elaine shows up at Rupert’s door with an offer of her own, these star-crossed losers–sorry, lovers–will have to make big choices about mortality, true love and whether to stick with vodka or switch to beer. Either way, tonight’s gonna be a good night.

“Reina Hardy renews locals’ hope in the potential vibrancy of the Austin theatre scene by giving us something we don’t always get here: a rock solid script….Hardy is the high priestess of the quotable one-liner, and she manages to keep her audience in stitches while grappling with some heady philosophical ideas.”- The Austin Chronicle

“Some plays sneak up on you…clever… expressive… [Stargazers] speaks to both the science and poetry of love, loves lost, loves found and loves looked for.” -Encore Michigan

“Hardy’s new play is hysterical, sweet, and wonderfully original… Her text is full of heart, humor, and charm, and it touches on how universal loneliness can be. When paired with three immensely talented performers and a brilliant young director, Stars and Barmen is as spectacular as comedies get.” -Broadwayworld

A small, cluttered computer lab. Various parties. The infinite black of space.

Rupert: Male, late 20s. PhD student in astrophysics. Geek on the make.
Elaine: Female, late 20s. Memoirist with something to prove.
Claire: Female, late 20s, early 30s. A poet. Serene.

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