The Afterparty

A poetic, philosophical play in the form of a lecture and a hangover.

Images from Shrewd Productions (Credit: Errich Peterson)

Coming soon- images from DOT Ensemble’s production in Thessaloniki Greece.

Claire Leverrier, a poet haunted by the death of her childhood crush, reveals the secrets of the universe using science, myth, and maybe a little bit of magic. “The Afterparty” is a romance. Or is it a metaphor? Either way, Claire might never recover once a star steps down from the sky and invites her to a party.

“Weird, beautiful and unforgivingly artistic, The Afterparty invites Austinites to drink from the astral cup and remember the one that got away.”

“We’re invited to hobnob with history’s great minds up on the astral plane…. [The Afterparty] brings mythology and science into a stage work that is cosmic in scale.”
-The Austin Chronicle

“Hardy takes us to the end of the play through a starry sky of metaphor…In “The Afterparty” the love and fascination with which we look up at the stars are but a small return of that which shines down on us.”
-CTX Live Theatre

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